Seasons with Christ

by Maretha Retief

Have you fallen into circumstances you feel you don’t deserve or did not plan for? Do you think you have gotten so far off track that you will never have success? Do you wonder if you are truly fulfilling God’s will for your life?

Join Maretha Retief as she shares her story of hope, grace, and second chances. After many years of believing she was walking in God’s will, making many mistakes, and causing herself unnecessary harm, Maretha had a near-death experience that helped her find rest and acceptance in Christ. He, in His love and mercy, was constantly there, caring for her and drawing her to Himself. He showed her that He had a perfect plan for her life, and she needed Him to accomplish it.

As you journey with Maretha, you will discover:

  • No disability, shortcoming, or mistake can keep you from God’s love.
  • God’s grace is sufficient for everyone.
  • The perfect work of Jesus on the cross made it possible for you to live a life of victory and peace.
  • It’s not too late to follow God and fulfill His perfect will for your life.